Comment on Magu: Salami panel submits report by Dr Uche Kalu

Poor Mallam Ibrahim Magu! His travail and current predicament makes me
reminisce on Cardinal Cranmer, who served King Henry the 8th so well,
only to be let down at his grey hair.
Mallam Ibrahim Magu’s only crime is his stemping on some big toes, nomore
no less.
In a normal clime,a disgarced Chief Justice, the likes of Ayo Salami should not
be allowed to handle this Mallam Magu’s case,because he is a compromised
But Chief Ibrahim Magu and his connection with the Egmont Group,the global
body for monitoring international money laundering activities , could simply
play his trump card against his inquisitors.
From Babachir Lawal Grass Cutter Case, AMS Oke and Ikoyigate,Maikanta Baru
NNPC Fence, Abdulrasheed Mainagate et al,Mallam Ibahim Magu can easily
bring down President Buhari and his rottenly corrupt APC led Government down,
with the Egmont Group File in his possession.
The Presidency still has a lot of questions to answer vis – a-vis the whooping
sum of $US25 bn for his purported Petroleum Exploration Scam in the North.
The trail of that $US25bn led to the Emirates (Dubai).
In the above case, Mallam Ibrahim Magu still has the Trump Card ojare!
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fualni Islamic Hegemony!!

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