Comment on Mai Tangle: We will appoint constitutionally certified candidate – Gombe Governor by Azzo

You are a religious bigot of a governor. The Tangale people conducted a peaceful election for a set of prominent Tangale sons whom they believe are capable of leading them. One emerged from that election as the choice candidate and whose name was presented to you for confirmation and announcement. You delayed, and of course rejected the candidate choosing instead to impose on the people your choice of candidate on the premise that you reserve the right to do so because you are governor of the state. You forget that your position as governor is no other than that of a chief servant and no more, that you are elected to serve and implement the wishes of the people at all times. You misunderstood the constitution in itself as your authority is chargeable on local governments as against tribes. This is a position of leadership for the Tangale tribe (who are predominantly Christians) and not Bilri local government. It was brought to you for endorsement because you are the chief security officer of the state and must, should be in the know and approve of persons who are to work with you. You refused to endorse the choice of the Tangale people for reasons you vehemently refused to give other than to say you have the authority(even when you do not) to do so. We have watched your tenure from outside of Gombe state since your coming to power and can confidently say without doubt that you wear an apparel of unprecedented bigotry. We have very good examples for the world to see. You vehemently refused to endorse the appointment of the next Chief Justice of the state because she is a lady Christian even when she is the most experienced, qualified and oldest serving member of the Judiciary. Recently on national television, we heard your speech at the scene of violence in Biliri where you were busy goading your fellow adherents to take retaliatory and retributive measures against their fellow citizens if they need arise. It was, to say the least, quite disturbing to come from a state governor. Simply put, you the governor started the violence in Biliri through your actions and inactions. You need to stop the violence otherwise it will consume not only Biliri, but Gombe and yourself put together. Tsuntsu da ta jawo ruwa, ita ruwa ka daka.

Source: news

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