Comment on Makinde to Tinubu: APC’ll not rule Nigeria beyond 2023 by THE NOON

The unwise curiosity about 2023 Presidential election and its desperation to win election by PDP and APC clearly shows that Nigerian barbaric political culture remained the major problems of Democratic development in Nigeria because these so called business enterprises (PDP & APC) in the name of political parties deliberately failed to show concerns about the present ugly socioeconomic, political and security situations which created an unwarranted hardships to defenceless Nigerians of which the curiosity about 2023 Presidential election and its desperation to win at this moment obviously gave an impression that Banditry, Terrorism and Kidnaping as well as general civil unrest where the security agencies are also direct victims would never end since the Democratic leadership unpatriotically pretended as if things are going well with the country by only focus on 2023 Presidential election moreover it is morally and legally wrong to focus on 2023 Presidential election when the country was facing an unprecedented challenges that keep questioning its MOTTO therefore if the ugly situations continue without meaningful solutions, Who will come out to vote? Who will conduct an election? What about political campaign?. May be U.S and U.K will help Nigeria by RECOLONIZATION because already the Democratic leadership and followership for over 20years of democracy in Nigeria are infected with disease called COLONIAL MENTALITY.

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