Comment on Malami to represent Buhari at Rwanda’s anti-corruption award by Dr Uche Kalu

It is simply mind boggling,why the Attorney General and Minister of Justice ,
Mallam Abubakar Malami, is there in Kigali,Rwanda today to represent President Buhari at Rwanda’s anti-corruption award.
Oh dear! What a country? What a crying shame indeed?
But the fact of the matter here is that there is neither a rule of law nor a real
fight against corruption in the polity, to warrrant Nigeria’s participation in any
such gobble – de – gook anti-corruption award.
There is our Attorney General and Minister of Justice, who not long ago,along with the Chairman of DSS, Mallam Hassan Lima,and the current acting Chairman of EFCC, Mallam Ibrahim Magu got involved in Mallam Abdulrasheed
The trio travelled to Dubai and smuggled the wanted felon by both the Interpol
and the Nigerian Secret Service,Mallam Abdulrasheed Maina into the country,
and reinstated him into his former post after having shared his loots with him.
For a many discerning Nigerians, who follow and keep records of events in the polity, does arise the question,why there are some sacred cows in this country?
As a matter of fact here is that by de facto,Nigeria indeed is currently under Mallam Muhammadu Buhari as our President,an Usman Dan Fodio Estate of the Fulanis.
Thus,those sons of undocumented nomadic alien cattle drivers,do see themselves as the Princes of Napoleon the Pig Emperor of our double-speak Orwellian Animal Farm of a country.
Mallam Ibrahim Magu, his namesake and predecessor,Mallam Ibrahim Lemorde are still under indictments for sharing the recovered lots and property
of the late Governor of Bayelsa State,Chief Diepreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha and yet they still remain free men.
The former, Ibrahim Magu,though not confirmed by the Senate,still remains the
Chairman of EFCC on acting status,while the latter,his predecessor,Mallam Ibrahim Lemorde still remains in his post as a Police Commissioner.
It seems as if the word corruption has quite a different meaning to the power-that-be in this country.
Having said that however,the fact of the matter here is that we Nigerians are culturally and irredeemably corrupt to govern ourselves.
If at this juncture it is impossible for us to either restructure the country or simply
go our fucking separate ways,the ultima ratio for us,is to invite our former Colonial Masters,the British,who created this country in the first place, to come back and recolonize us jare.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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