Comment on Malami’s cow controversy by Peter Okeke

The question is why has the vexious issue of open grazing that is unpopular in other countries been lingering in Nigeria for decades. Lands don’t move about but cows do. It is obvious that it is cows that should be restrained to allow lands grow crops. Surprisingly such simple matter has been allowed to linger to the detriment of farmers and land owners. It means that resistance to ban on open grazing and government silence on the issue is more than meets the eyes. It was not only that cows ate farmers crops, oftentimes farmers and the land owners were killed by the herders with sophisticated weapons and their lands taken over by them as new occupants. This goes to suggest propable intention of displacement and forceful dispossion of lands, behind the whole matter. Tactical invasions, in the name of open cow grazing, to forcefully dispossess communities of their ancestrial lands may not be condoned in any part of Northern territories if one should venture from the south to do such things. If you remove the mask you will see the face behind it.

Source: news

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