Comment on Mbaka wins as Supreme Court sacks Ihedioha, declares Uzodinma Imo gov by Alex Johnson

In the first instance, the title of this piece is wrong because Fr. Mbaka did not win anything. He is not going to occupy the seat vacated by Ihedioha. He is not from Imo State. He is only a concerned citizen of Igbo land who wants things done right in the interest of peace. He is not a politician. He did not vie for the position with Ihedioha. He stands on the side of truth and tells it without fear and/or favour. He cannot leave what he has been told to say and say another thing to please anybody.

He is living out the ethics of his calling as a true man of God. Nobody should criticize or call him names. He is only a messenger of the Most High. He is an example of what a sincere man of God should be. He who says and it happens does not say always because it is only when God puts words in his mouth that he says. Men of God in the ancient days told kings and rulers of the time their faults without fear or favour. Have we forgotten the encounter of Prophet Nathan with King David?
Nobody can succeed in harming Fr. Mbaka for saying the truth unless God has so willed. It is the saying of our people that any person who sees a hen stepping on shit should shoo it away because nobody knows whose share the legs will be when slaughtered for Christmas celebration. If you know that which will happen to make Fr. Mbaka speak, nip it in the bud because if it happens he will not hesitate to speak out. I know that those who are benefiting or will benefit from the government of Ihedioha will not be happy for what has happened but they should be reasonable enough to know that truth must always prevail. MBAKA is never a piece of shit!!! We need more people like him.
As for the new Governor, my plea to him is to carry everybody along and show good example. The projects, like road construction, etc. his predecessor had already started should be completed to give hope to the people of the areas concerned. They should not be abandoned as a way to punish Ihedioha. You are there to alleviate the suffering of your people no matter the areas they come from. We need development in our Imo State; we need job-creating industries. We need Mbakwe-type governor in Imo State. We do not need politics of rancor and bitter rivalry. We need patriotic government in Imo State!! Let us always strive to do things the right way from the onset to avoid situations like this.

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