Comment on Metering of houses in Nigeria, gradual not automatic – Manufacturer by Joe

The CEO Mr Atakpu of Prepaid metering manufacturing should be removed from the office as saying Prepaid meteter gradual and not automatic for Homes in Nigeria. Why should estimate metering billings continues to strives in the country totally unacceptable and its for corruptions motives.The Federal Government continues to exploits Nigerians by aiding metering manufacturing company of their lack of adequate supply of pre pay meter.If Buhari administration failed to solve electricity in Nigeria then shame on Buhari Nigerian Government prefer Monopoly over competetive markets and open market thus continually hinders supply chain and creating artifical scarcity of goods and services forcing prices upwards.Another example is Cement locally produced with skyrocket in prices .So therefore Mr Atakpu should be fired immediately for such a statement.

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