Comment on Minimum wage: FG to fast-track negotiations by THE NOON

The failure to genuinely addressed the economy challenges and the consequence of abused of office and abused of power by the elected office holders in executive and legislative capacity where the political culture and its barbaric and undemocratic activities destroyed the economy so would salaries increase be the solution or add to the problem?. If the government policies and programs at all levels gives priorities in ensuring that the value of the NAIRA should be a pivotal agenda where adding value to NAIRA continue play significant roles where cost of living and risk of doing business are low in very peaceful and conducive business environment with modern infrastructure that guaranteed viable and prosperous economy stability therefore achieving minimum wage of possibly five thousands (5000) can catered for a family man monthly expenditure. Instead of this government to go in a direction that add value to NAIRA its continued devalue NAIRA in a very poor business environment, outdated infrastructure, teeming numbers of Ghost workers unsolved and political instabilities so even if minimum wages is One Million Naira its would not raised the standard of living of workers if economy prosperity is not genuinely addressed moreover does government proffered solutions to why some state Governors owned workers salaries of many months? What some States that failed to complied with statutory obligations of 2015 minimum wages of (18000)? President Buhari required an economy expert if truely He mean to take Nigeria to Next Level.

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