Comment on Minimum wage: Negotiations deadlocked as Labour mobilises for strike by THE NOON

Is a Democratic and constitutional obligations in this ugly situation to ask a fundamental questions which based on Nigeria Motto _What is Good Democratic Governance?. Is it all about meaningless slogan of 2015 Change and now Next Level?. This issue of minimum wages and its unending crisis is another manifestation of bad Democratic governance in Nigeria which its so called Democratic leadership failed to know where we are coming from, where we are and where we are going as people politically, economically and democratically because countries like USA, U.K, France, China and India their leadership clearly knew where their coming from and knew where their going while these enable these countries to really and practically defined good governance not embarking on meaningless sloganising like Nigeria however achieving good Democratic governance in Nigeria at this moment The leadership at all levels must inculcate the memories of where we coming especially the collectives struggle for independence in 1960, the uncountable things that united us in precolonial era, the divine similarities of our culture in some key areas, the many common battles we fought together and its victory while Where we are going should also be inspired by Leadership qualities that as people we all needed each other in order to succeed these inspiration will be the driving forces of government at all levels not a meaningless slogan of Next Level moreover achieving good Democratic governance in Nigeria Until Nigerians redefined its political culture because the main obstacles that directly hindered Democratic system in Nigeria since 1999 was its barbaric political culture so those clamouring for restructuring, true federation etc are blinded in identified the symptoms of sickness of a society that rendered education and moral values worthless in a Ramifications that defined civilse 21st century people where knowledge based solutions removed them from bondages of poverty, insecurities and raised their standards of living not really sentiment based solutions that Nigerians political culture promoted. At this moment President Muhammadu Buhari should first defined good Democratic governance and then put it to national debate.

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