Comment on Murder of Afenifere leader’s daughter: Anger in Yorubaland by THE NOON

When hypocrisy becomes wisdom and selfishness becomes knowledge while solutions to societal problems becomes sentiments based instead of knowledge based that type of society should be called a doomed. Gani Adam should know the legal consequence of saying what contradicted the positions of Nigerian police on this murder case because allowing inconsistency of evidence from the beginning of investigation in a busybody society like Nigeria will tarnish the reputation of police while the integrity of police would also be questionable and these could also unjustifiably mislead the public where hearsay will prevailed over fair trial in ensuring justice moreoever the Nigerian police has statutory obligations to arrest Gani Adams for his careless utterance on this matter which was a cleared manifestation of general insecurity of lives and property where all Nigerians are victim’s in many ways not really a matter of tribal foolishness or is the title of Aree onakanfor is all about being above the law? So where was Gani Adams when late Chief of air staff Alex Bade was killed or is the Fulani responsible too? What about late General Alkali? What about the crime and criminalities on Kaduna-Abuja highways? Is it also Fulani herdsmen? These security challenges does not left President Buhari home town Daura where kidnapping remained the order of the day so is Yoruba the only victim of crime and criminality in Nigeria? The reaction of many people on the death of a daughter of one of Yoruba leaders failed to show meaningful concerns to those victims in the past or are they not Nigerians or is their life not important?. The Yoruba’s should acknowledged the original truth that showing an unwarranted, baseless, unreasonable and unjustifiable hatred to Fulani’s will only aggravated the already security problems because this type of situations at the end of the day always made people to love Fulani’s after situations revealed itself that is why those that were hated in the ancient time are the loved today. A civilised society will never allowed crime and crminalities to take tribal or religion dimension because they know the socioeconomy and political consequence of it.

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