Comment on Muslims overwhelmed as curious community flocks to discover more about Islam by Dr Uche Kalu

There is no fucking misconception about Islam and muslims at all.
Islam is all about what the muslims do and not what they say about their religion, which is usually garnished with ‘Taqiyya.”
There are currently terrorisms and wars wherever the muslims are found accross the globe.
Come to think about that,Islam is the Qur’an and the Qur’an is Mohammed the
Propohet of Islamic Relgion.
Who was indeed Prophet Mohammed?
Prophet Mohammed was a warlord,a bandit,a terrorist and very very bad and
a wicked man.
Therefore, every damn muslim is a potential warlord,bandit ,terrorist and a very bad and a wicked man or woman.
Thus ,all those muslim terrorist groups that carried out 11th September 2001
terrorist attacks in the US, London bombings, Bali,Dar-es-Salam,Madrid,
Mumbay and Nairobi et al, were all inspired by the teachings of Prophet Mohammed.
Such Jihadist Groups like, Abu Shayef, Al Shaabab, Alqaeda,Boko Haram ,
Hamas,Hesbollah,Huthis, ISIS , the Talibans et al,are all following the footsteps of Prophet Mohammed by fufilling their Islamic Obligation of Jihad,
which is one of the tenets of Islam.
Is it a little wonder that the muslims are currently at war with themselves in Afghnistan,Iraq,Lebanon,Libya, Syria,Turkey and Yemen?
Is it also a little wonder that in the UK,such Religious Groups like the Buddhists, Confucianists,Hindus, Jews,Taoists and Sikhs,do respect and
accept wholeheartedly the values that make Great Britain a Great Nation?
But not the muslims,the followers of Prophet Mohammed,who would rather
impose the evil and wicked values upon other religious groups?
Muslims in the UK have their own Parliament, their so called Islamic Congress
of Great Britain and also, their separate fucking Sharia Courts too.
How eccentric of the Brits indeed!
But the fact of the matter is that muslims are evil and wicked lots,who have no
respect whatsoever for the sanctity of human lives.
In our current 21st century,muslims and their Islamic Religion should not be
allowed any place in the world except their fucking Islamic countries.
Muslims don’t ever live and let live.
They live and let die for their here-after indeed.

Source: news

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