Comment on My expectations from Buhari in his second term – David-West by THE NOON

How could a country where hypocracy remained a wisdom progress? Apparently even the Holy scriptures which are sources of authorities for religions unfolded historical recorded without bias and sentiment of which these were lesson for mankind however David West should tell Nigerians which country in the world made election day as democracy? An advanced country always concerns about future of their generation to come and works towards making lives comfortable for them economically, socially and politically than dwelling on futility which neither improve the living standard of their people nor ensure peace and unity of the country. This so called Prof. David west only use this medium to poisoned the mind of young Nigerians against Former President Obasanjo and The living Legend Yesterday, Today and Forever. Gen. IBB so is that how to be fair on historical matters? His objections to June-12 as public holidays on economy ground contradicted his early unwise reason because would june12 as democracy day turned the value of One-Naira to One-dollar? Or end socioeconomic, political and security problems facing Nigeria as country?. Unaqueably june12 remained an election day in the history of Nigeria so a fair records will not only dwelled on the winner alone without mention the roles of other in ensured the success of the election because young Nigerians will as questions about what really took place on june12 1993 if the answer was election then following question will tell them that these elders are hypocrite. Unfair history or a fabricated history only ruined a society that why holy scriptures put fair records of ancient people as subject of lesson for mankind.

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