Comment on Naming a rail station after Jonathan an insult –Clark by Dr Uche Kalu

It is very insulting indeed , of President Buhari to grace a local Railway
Station with the name of his Predecessor, our dear Ex-President ,Prof.
Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan.
But our Elder Stateman.Chief Edwin Kaigbodo Clark does come across
here with his above criticism of President Buhari like a man,who goes
out his way chasing a rat while his entire house is on fire.
As a Chairman of PANDEF and a firm believer of a united one Nigeria,
Chief Clark ought to be mobilizing his Counterparts of Afenifere, Middle
Belt Forum and Ohanaeze Ndigbbo to go after the Tyrant, Mallam
Muhammadu Buhari.
That son of an undocumented Fulani cattle driver alien, President Buhari
has in the past five years, with his ill advised bid to Fulanize and Islamise our
fatherland plunged this country into our current Hobbessian State of
Today, Nigeria under Buhari is a failed Banana Republic and one of the
World’s Capitals of Hunger.
Adamawa,Benue,Borno, Kaduna, Katsina,Plateau,Sokoto,Taraba, Yobe,
Zamfara et al,States are daily pillaged by bandits, kidnappers, insurgents
and marauders,who in actual fact,are the purported repentant Boko Haram
members, released into those State by Buhari’s Coordintor of Operation
Safe Corridor (OSC),Major General Bamidile Shafa.
There are over 3 million native Nigerians in IDPs Camps all over the North and
another half a million Nigerian refugees displaced into our neighbouring
countries of Cameroon,Chad and Niger Republic.
At the beshest of President Buhari,the Nigerian Army and the Police are
under a standing order to assist the MACBAN’s Fulani Herdsmen in
exercising their right of passage all over the country,which is guaranteed
them by a gobble – de – gook ECOWAS Protocols.
But those MACBAN’s Fulani Herders are really on a ”Futahat” Campaign of
pogroms , ethnic cleansings of native Nigerians from their ancestral lands
and are turning the farm lands into their own grazing lands.
President Buhari is not only the godfather and spokesperson of the Boko
Haram Jihadists,it was also at his behest that Sharia State Governors
recruited,nurtured and sired their members of Boko Haram as the
custodians of Sharia-jurisprudence.
Those Jihdist killer Squads have for over a decade been terrorising and killing
innocent Nigerians..
But President Buhari does refer to them as marginalised muslim Youths and
does equate them with our Boys in the N’Delta Creeks,the MEND.
President Buhari is also the current Grand Patron of the MACBAN.
As a Chairman of the MACBAN he did promise and threatened the late
Governor of Oyo State,Dr. Lam Adesina that in the future his Fulani
Herdsmen would kill those ,who would dare deny them their right of
passage all over the country.
Since Mallam Muhammadu Buhari took over the Presidency in 2015,
the Fulani Herders have simply been rampaging all over the country.
In the Middle Belt, the alien Fulani Herders have daily been slaughtering
and cleansing the natives from their ancestral lands into IDP’s Camps.
In the South,they sack and pillage our villages,farmsteds and hamlets,
destroy our farmlands and crops, defile our women folks and daughters,
and they kill those,who dare stand on their ways.
But President Buhari,his cahoots and cohorts do refer to the ongoing
incipient genocide against us Indigenous Nigerians by his alien Nilotic
Troglodytes, his so called Fulnis as mere Farmers’/Herders’ Clashes.
Oh no Mallam Buhari!
The farmers are sedentary Indigenous Nigerians living in their ancestral
lands, while the herders are alien nomads from the Sahara yonder.
Simply because of the refusal of the Southern States to let President Buhari
settles his alien landless barbaric,bellicose and murderous Fulanis in
Rugas all over the country,he turned round and launched his dual policies of
Visa – on – arrival and Visa – free – entry into Nigeria for all Africans.
With that,President Buhari simply opened some floodgates for the
influx of alien Nilotic troglodytes,his so called Fulanis,from some far away
countries like Borkina Fasa,CAR, Chad, Darfur, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Niger
Senegal, Somalia,Sudan et al, into our country in order to flummox us
native Nigerians.
The message that the Fulani Sojourners of the North are nomore
Nigerians than the Afrikaans (Boers) are South Africans must not
be lost on President Buhari and his alien Neo-Colonialis Fulanis.
Enough is enough!
Mallam Muhammadu Buhari must go ojare.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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