Comment on NASS leadership: Southeast APC urges party to revisit zoning by Kabiyeze

What is good about Orji Kalu’s comment is the condemnation of Oshiomole’s meddlesomeness in South East. What is bad in his comment is that APC preformed poorly in South East. APC preformed excellently in South East, improved marvelously beyond expectations in view of the deliberate and conniving actions and inactions to exclude South East in every aspect of national development. All expectations were that APC’s performance would be worse than that of 2015, but fortunately, APC South East performed far better in all the states. In terms of improvement over 2015, South East APC preformed better than South West, North Central, North West that lost Sokoto and Zamfara, which declined in comparative performance. Why is Orji giving the impression that APC performed poorly in South East. This defeatist stance will embolden the oppressors to increase their devilish actions against South East.

Source: news

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