Comment on NDDC board: Lawan dares Buhari by Dr Uche Kalu

Given the calmity thát has fallen upon the N’Delta Region,vis-a -vis , the more than half a
century of uncontrolled gas and oil exploitations and explorations,with the contamitant
utter degradations of the Region’s Environment and destructions of the people’s means
of lifelihood, the Federal Government should now, let the people of the Region
to manage their own fair.
The level of of environmental pollutions in the N’Delta is such that the people of the Region are threatened human species in Nigeria today and yet, they have seen little to none of the proceeds of their God’s given natural resources.
Since however, the NNPC has now struck a bonanza with its recent discovery of gas and oil all over the North in commercial quantities,the Federal Government should therefore declare a moratorium on all further gas and oil exploitations and explorations in the N’Delta Region.
The N’Delta Region should be given at least a of a quarter of a century to heal and regenerate itself.There are neither fish to be caught in the our creeks nor can the people
of the region cuiltivate their lands because of decades of pollutions.
We Nigerians can jolly well do with our new found gas and oil yonder in the North.Lol!!
The people of the N’Delta should be allowed to choose their own people to manage their own affair.
The Federal Government must back-off now from the N’Delta jare!
Enough is enough.
No to the status quo ante ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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