Comment on Ndigbo, leadership and sustainability of consensus by DR Uche Kalu

The problem of Nigeria is the presence of the alien Nilotic Troglodytes,
the so called Fulanis and their anachronistic Caliphate of Sokoto,which
is virtually a parallel Islamic Republic within our supposedly Secular
Commonwealth Republic of Nigeria.
It is the Neo-Colonialist Fulani Leaders,who jettisoned all th ideals of our
founding fathers and are out to Fulanize and Islamize our Kwa/Bantu
fatherland and to make Nigeria their Uthman Dan Fodio Estate.
For examples;
1.The Fulani have take over all the three Branches of our Federal Government
and are currently running a Government of the Hausa/Fulani muslims by the Hausa/ Fulani muslims and for the Hausa/Fulani muslims.
2,They Control all our Federal Institutions including all our Security Agencies.
3.They carved up the country into surplus States and Local Government Areas
for their Islamic North and thereby giving themselves an undue numerical
superiority and advantage over the rest of the country.
4.The Hausa/Fulani muslim Leaders own 83% of our oil blocs or rather our Southern Christian oil wealth.
5.Currently the Fulani power-that -be is waging a ” Futahat ” Campaign of daily pogroms and ethnic cleansings of native Nigerians from their ancestral lands.
6.With their Jihadist Killer Squads; the Boko Haram , ISWAP and Fulani Herder Killers,the Neo-Colonialist Fulanis are currently waging an incipient war of
genocide against us Indigenous Nigerians.
Of course,the Fulanis are muslims and like all the muslims across the,who
don’t live and let live, we Indigenous Nigerians can never ever live in harmony
with those barbaric,bellicose and murderous alien Neo-Colonialist FulaniS of
the Ccliphate of Sokoto.
Over 100 years after the Amalgamtion of 1914 and over 60 years of our Indipendence from Great Britain, our Fulani compatriots have continuously
and consistently been washing our soil,forests,mountains rivers and streams
with the innocent blood of native Kwa/Bantu Nigerians.
Thus,the Fulanis and their Hausa/Kanuri muslim mongrels are solely
responsible for our proble as a united country.
At this juncture therefore, the ultima ratio is for us Nigerians to go our fucking separate ways in peace like the Soviets.
After all Lord Frederick John Dealtry Lugard ‘Amalgmation of 1914,which
lumped us native Nigerians together with those brabaric,bellicose
murderous alien Fulanis was not meant to be a fait accompli.
It did contain an MoU that after 100 years we Nigerians can decide to either
remain together or to go our separate ways.
I personaly believe that the late Major Gideon Orkar’s option will be the best
for us Nigerians.
The North East and North West must the excised from the rest of the country
as separate Islamic Republic for the Fulanis and their Hausa/Kanuri
muslim mongrels.
We could even be magnanimous about it by offering the new AREWA Islamic Republic a whooping 10% of our entire oil an gas revenue plus a free market for
their Agra-products.
Well, according to Ndigbo it is always better to sacrifice a few yam tubers to a marauding herd of elephants than to let the herd into the barn.
The basis for our continued chabitation with the Abokis has simply become
very suicidal and thus quite impossible.
Nigeria We Hail Thee.Lol!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!!

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