Comment on New ministers should emulate Buhari’s patriotism –Ogah, APC chieftain by Dr Uche Kalu

Is that bloody fucking Wawa Quisling,Mazi Obinna Odogwu really listening to himself at all?
His clothing of that 3rd Mahdi of the Caliphate of Sokoto, Mallam Muhammadu Buhari with the robe of patriotism is indeed an utter hogwash.
How I wish that our IPOB Youths should start putting some bounties upon all those Igbo Reprobates, like this bloody Wawa bastard, Mazi Obinna Odowu and start taking them out one after the other.
The rude reproach from our IPOB Youths that Mazi Ike Ekweremmadu recently encountered in Nuremberg, Germany,ought to serve as a warning to all Igbo traitors and our enemies within Alaigbo of what awaits them all.
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own land of the Rising Sun!!

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