Comment on Niger Assembly seeks intervention of IBB, Abdulsalami on deplorable federal roads by THE NOON

The Niger State house of assembly does not only abused their legislative power but totally violated Democratic principle and its process of proffering solutions of this nature because involving the Former President on this matter remained a ridiculous steps in an assaultives direction which question what democracy really all about because these Former Presidents inquestion neither hold any elected office nor an appointment office of which Niger state house of assembly show realized the political consequence of the reputation of these Former president in APC second term administration in a country where many of its citizens are politically and democratically lacked orientation and often not matured in understanding what politics is all about however the fundamental questions to ask the state legislature are :Why does Federal Government maintain a questionable monopoly on an oil and gas sector of the economic? Why does other key sectors deliberately abandoned?. It is time to tell President Muhammadu that is position as Minister of Petroleum is nothing but monopoly so Mr President should now quit that position to either become minister of Agriculture or Works in order to use his dual office to maintain monopoly in order to takes the sectors to next level

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