Comment on Nigeria, disaster waiting to happen – Prof Okoko by Dr Uche Kalu

Prof Okoro in his above interview was very brilliant,fortright and indeed very enlightening in all his analyses.
But he seemed to have forgotten that the imbalance created by those Fulanis and their Hausa/Kanuri muslim mongrel illiterate Military Bandits ,Despots and Rogue Usurpers of power,who ran a relay misgoverning and pilaging our fatherland from the 1980s to 1999, did indeed make Nigeria their Usman Dan Fodio Estate.
By their use of land mass as a criterion not demography,they created surplous
States and Local Government Areas (LGAs) for their Islamic North.
That the States and LGAs are currently our Political Cónstituent Units is simply a fraud.
Thus with the gobble – de- gook Federal Character cum Quota System in their
hand-down 1999 Constitution to us, the Abokis are able to dominate every Institution in the country.
Therefore, when Prof Okoro talks about the NASS,he is actually talking about
our NASS,which is dominated and controlled by those lazy and lecherous beggar folks and parsites,the Fulanis and their Hausa/Kanuri muslim
Come to think about that;for every three Nigerian soldiers under arm,two are
Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri muslims.That is also the case with our Police Force,the
Customs,Prison Department,Senate et al.
The Abokis simply have an absolute hegemony over our fatherland.
Anybody who believes that our alien Neo-Colanialist Fulani Overlords will ever
acquiesce to relinquishing their current firm grip on our fatherland,must be a
fool living in a cuckoo land.
Thanks to the Omo Afonjas of the South West,the Abokis have already
dipped their fucking Qur’an in our Bight of Benin Atlantic Coast.
Now they want to use their shenanigan of RUGA to do the same in our Bight of Biafra, ( Oh sorry, Bight of Bonny), Atlantic Coast.Lol!!
But they will surely have our Bakassi, IPOB,MASSOB, MEND, N’Delta Avenger Youths to confront .They ain’t seen nothing yet jare.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Buhari’s Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!!

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