Comment on Nigeria, doped on hope? by Iheanyi Ohiaeri

Jimanze, thank you for another insightful treatise on the Nigerian condition. However, you are preaching to the deaf and perhaps even dumb to boot. Only very few Nigerians have gotten ahead in life through dint of hard work and intellectual application. The rest of our “successful” men and women have lucked into “success”, whatever is the definition in Nigeria; from street sweepers to the exalted office of the Presidency of Nigeria.

In this blighted land, you don’t need any concerted intellectual or physical effort to get into high or low office. The ubiquitous Pentecostal pastors and their other religionists equivalents of Imams, Alfas , marabouts, and sundry soothsayers , reinforce this mindset at every opportunity- you dont need to do anything, the benevolent God, who appears to only hunour the species of humans called Nigerians, will provide everything. Why then are we amazed at our permanent descent into the abyss of perdition? Ahiazuwa!!

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