Comment on Nigeria edging towards collapse –Soyinka by Dr Uche Kalu

Of course,Nigeria has already collapsed into a failed Banana Republic.
As long as the 3rd Mahdi of the Fulani Sultanate of Sokoto,Muhmmadu
Buhari, our current President, is hell-bent on his ongoing Fulanization and
Islamization of our father,he is wont to reject any proposal for a National
Survival Conference, just like he rejcted the call for the restructuring of
our country.
Just the order day ,President Buhari arrogantly and shamelessly bragged
about his dishing out ”Taqiyya” to President Donald Trump, when the question
of daily killings of Christians in Nigeria by the muslim was raised by his hoste.
President Buhari lied to his American hoste that the ongoing MACBAN’s ”Futahat”
Campaigns are mere Farmers/Herders Clashes.
But in actual fact,the so called Farmers by Buhari are Sedentary Indigenous
Christian Nigerians living in the Godgiven ancestral lands ,while the Herders are
bloody fucking alien nomadic Fulani Herdsmen from the Sahara yonder.
Since Buhari took over the Presidency from his Predecessor in 2015 the
MACBAN’s Fulani Herders,whose Grand Patron he is,have been rampaging all
over the country,on their ”Futahat” Campaign of pogrom and ethnic cleansings
native Christian Nigerians.
In 2018 and 2019 Buhari’s Fulani Herders did kill more innocent Nigerians than
the Boko Haram and ISWAP Jihadist Killer Squads did in the same period.
But Buhari would not designate them as a terrorist group, which they really are,and
yet he would rather designate our flag -bearing,nonviolent and unarmed IPOB
Millennials as a terrorist group.
Buhari did also follow that up by deploying the Army and the Police to
slaughter our unarmed Igbo children in their hundreds and for some good
measures during those their Python Dance Military Exercises in the South
Our President also lied to President Tump about the Boko Haram.
Buhari shamelessly told his US hoste that the members of the Jihadist Killer
Squads,aka Boko Haram are Muammar Gaddafi of Libya’s Gemdarmes not
But here at home Buhari refers to the Jihadist as marginalized muslim youths
and equates them with our Boys in the N’Delta Creeks,the MEND.
Currently President Buhari has granted a blanket amnesty to his muslim
Jihadist Youths by launching his gobble-de – gook Operation Safe Corridor (OSC).
All that the Coordinator of President Buhari’s OSC,Major General Bamidele
Ibrahim Abubakar Shafa does is to simply offer the purported repentant Boko
Haram Jihdists,who in actual fact are battle weary and left-out- of- battle
Jihdists, some stipends and then release into the society to swell the ranks of
our teeming jobless youths.
But out there are millions of innocent vicitims of the Boko Haram ,who
are languising in IDP camps and another half a million Nigerians displaced
into our neighbouring countries of Cameroon,Chad and Niger unable to return
to their God-given ancestral lands.
President Buhari ,who is the Grand Patron of the MACBAN , the godfather
and also a swell known spokesperson of the Boko Haram Jihadists is solely
responsible of the ongoing pogroms and ethnic cleansings of native
Nigerian Christians which borders on incipient genocide and therefore a crime
against humanity ought not only to be impeached and removed immediately
from office,he certainly has to be dragged also before the ICC at the Hague in
the Netherland.
During the 1967-1970 Pol Pot Yakubu Gowon’s War of Genocide against us
Biafrans,Buhari ,along with the Officers and Men under his command did commit
war crimes and crimes against humanity.
As a Military Despot in the 1980s, the Retired General , Mallam Muhammadu
Buhari,did also commit heinous crime against humanity like his running a
concentration death camp at Ita Oko Island off the Coast of Lagos.
Not even a single petty criminal sent to Ita Oko Island by Buhari’s then
Gestapo men returned alive to the mainland of Lagos.
Buhari must go ojare!
He is an evil and a very wicked Jadist out to Fulanize our fatherland
Enough is enough.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic hegemony!!

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