Comment on Nigeria fraudulently structured to fail -Okechukwu by THE NOON

The late Rasta Prophet (Bob Marley) in His redemption song Has said ” Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery non but ourselves could free our mind”. No any government in the world that its structure was 100% perfect but the question is other countries see’s their socioeconomic progress and also acknowledged the truth that these countries are developed in all ramifications that defined a Developed countries therefore Nigerians only needed to emancipate themselves from mental slavery which required a socioeconomic and political restructuring of Mentalities in understanding that the democratically elected leaders since 1999 are united by corruption while the follower’s I.e the electorate are united by poverty, united by the ordeal of insecurities, ordeal of irregular power and water supply and hopelessness however Nigerians should free their minds by clearly and democratically understand that Democratic leadership that will proffered solution to socioeconomic, political and security problems could be people from the same tribes or the same religion or region in as far as they have leadership qualities and patriotism moreover does the notion of my tribe or my religion or my region must be in power helped our situation since 1999? Or does these people we see as our tribe care about us when in office? Or are they not united by corruption so until we restructured our Mentalities democratically and abandoned the barbaric political culture that promotes tribal, religion and regional sentiment which put us in bondages

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