Comment on Nigeria is ripe for female president -Ekpere-Eta, ex-DG, NCWD by THE NOON

Failure to agreed that Nigerian women are their own enemy mostly in politics clearly confirmed that it is not politically ripe for Nigeria to Produced Female President and Female Governor respectfully.
There are Nigerian women that possessed Leadership qualities capable to proffered lasting solutions to many socioeconomic, political and security challenges confronting the country but the real situation made it politically impossible at local and state levels Why? Nigerian Women are politically divided along key areas that keep creating rejection, ridiculed and an absolute disrespect to women on matters of leadership Why?. Over 23 years of democracy in Nigeria there are records which unfolded total hatred for women, gender inequalities and gender injustices while the society itself manifested an undemocratic gender injustices by created a ridiculous feelings that women are inferior on matters of Democratic leadership these together are key lessons for Nigerian women to politically United in order to redeemed their integrity from a society that unjustifiably labeled them as the most corrupt when given an opportunities to hold appointment office as well discredited their societal status as Mother, Wife and daughter by failure to accepts them as pillars of society however achieving a United Nigerian women politically would democratically changed the barbaric mindset of Nigerians that Liberia Produced Female President, CAR Produced female President and now Tanzania is rule by Female president so What stop Nigeria from Producing Female president?. Until Nigerian Women openly discredited the unconstitutional office of the First lady that neither add value to democracy nor add value to women integrity and until the unwarranted begging for 35% political position is abandoned as a political turning point that tell the whole world Democratic and constitutional rights to vote and to be voted for is not solely for men.

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