Comment on Nigeria may adopt nuclear technology as solution to epileptic power –Minister by DR Uche Kalu

Prof. Ogbonnaya Onu, the Nigerian Minister of Science and Technology,with
his silly nuclear technology idea as a solution to Nigerian epileptic power,
does come across here as a specialist without a common denomination.
If Nigerians cannot handle their daily human wastes,which are quite biodegrable, how on earth can they ever handle their dangerous and lethal rdioactive nuclear wastes, which takes thousands of years to decay and become harmless to humans and their environment?
European Countries like France,Germany et al, are currently at quandary
on how to rid themselve of their nuclear reactors and tons of their
radioactive nuclear wastes.
The Honourable Minister ,Dr Ogbonnaya Onu and his Oburu kinsman,
Governor David Nwa Umahi of Ebony State ought to help their Ohaozara
people combat water-borne diseases like roundworm (Ascaris), which
is endemic in their Ezza and Ohaozara Local Government Areas.
Instead of providing potable water for their Ohaozara People,the duo are building an Airport in their locality, which is less 15 kilometer from Sir
Francis Akanu Ibiam International Airpot in Enugu.
Such a white elephant project is just as ill-advised as nuclear reactor for
electricity in a natural-gas-rich country like Nigeria.
Perhaps, Minister Ogbonnaya Onu and his Ohaozara kinsman, Governor
David Nwa Umahi are quite oblivious of the fact their Ebony State sits on
several trillion tons of natural gas waiting to be exploited.
Besides,Nigeria has enough daily sunshine to use sunenergy to augument
the shortfall in the country’s electric generating capacity.
Thanks to our uncontrolled petroleum explorations coupled with thousands
of gas flares spewing tons of CO2 and SO2 daily into the air, we have
already enough environmental polutions to add radioactive nuclear waste to that.
Prof. Ogbonnaya Onu should please go to hell with his above nuclear technology idea.Lol!!

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