Comment on Nigeria must not be allowed to splinter—-NNSG by DR Uche Kalu

If Nigeria must not be allowed to splinter, then let the alien Nilotic Troglodytes,
the Fulanis do the followings ,namely:
1.Declare a moratorium on further killings of non-muslim native Nigerins and
end once and for all, their ongoing Jihad in their bid to Fulanize and Islamize
our fatherland in order to turn our ancestral farmlands into their permanent
grazing lands.
2.Dismantle their anachronistic Caliphate of Sokoto,which is virtually a parallel
Islamic Republic within our supposedly Secular Commonwealth Republic of
3. Abrogate their imposition of Sharia in the country,pull our country out from
our C8,C15 and OIC Memberships.
4.They must also agree to have the country restructured and along with
that, a new People’s Constitution must be drawn before any further Presidential
Elections will be held in the country, come 2023.
Without the foregoings,the basis for our harmonious cohabitation with those
barbaric,bellicose and murderous Fulani cattle drivers becomes impossible.
Thus,the ultima ratio for us nattive Kwa/Bantu Nigerians will be the late Major
Gideon Orkar’s option.
The entire North East and North Western Nigeria must be excised from the
rest of the country, as a separate Islamic Republic fo the Fulanis and their
Hausa/Kanuri muslim mongrels.
” Yoruba Ronu!”
” Ndigbo Chenu Echiche!”
Enough is enough ojare.
Nigeria We Hail Thee.Lol!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!!

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