Comment on Nigeria was handed over to Nigerians, not to fulani by Dr Uche Kalu

The above Treatise captioned, Nigeria was handed over to Nigerians, not
to Fulani, by Mallam SA’IDU MUHAMMED DANSADAU, is simply a cliched
nonsense and an utter hogwash.
Of course, our British Colonial Masters did at a gun point so to say, force Dr.
Nnamdi Azikiwe to take his NCNC Party into alliance with Alhaji Ahmed
Bello’ s NPC Party not with Chief Obafemi Awolowo ‘s Actio Group Party.
Our renowned Poet and the then Chief Awolowo’s Personal Secretary,Chief Odia Ofiemum is still alife today and he can confirm that fact.
Furthermore, a former British Colonial Officer,Mr Harold Smith,who died a couple of years ago did confirm that, at the behest of the British Colonial Office in London, our Nigerian Colonial Masters did not only manipulate our demography in favour of the muslim North,but also helped rig the 1959 Election for the NPC.
The then Northern Nigeria was a monolithic North, a Sarduna’s North,and indeed
a colony within our British Commonwealth Colony of Nigeria.
All those Northern minority ethnic groups: the Afiseres, Anagutas, Beroms,
Eggons, Idomas, Igalas, Gwaris,Kofyars,Jukuns, Iyems Tvs et al ,were indeed mere
wrilling-tools of the Northern Fulani power-that -be,that Malla Dansadau did mention
above in his Treatise.
Of course,just like the British Colonialists bequeathed South Africa to their proxies,
the Afrikaans (Boaers) at their Indepedence , so they bequeathed Nigeria to their
proxies,the Fulanis of the Caliphate of Sokoto at our Independence.
Oh yes indeed!
The Fulani are nomore Nigerians than the Afrikaans (Boers) are South Africans.
Today, Apartheid is nomore in South Africa.
Why can’t our Neo-Colonialist Overlords of the Fulani Caliphate of Sokoto simply
dismantle their Caliphate of Sokoto,which is virtually a parallel Islamic Republic
within our supposedly Secular Commonwealth Republic of Nigeria, abrogate their
imposition of Sharia upon us non-muslim Nigerians,pull our country from our C8,
C15 and OIC Memberships?
How long must the Fulanis and their Hausa/Kanuri muslim mongrels continue to
be thus eating their cakes and having them back?
The current Futahat Campaign of pogroms and ethnic cleansings of native
Kwa/Bantu Nigerians from their ancestral lands, launced by the Fulani power-
that-be in a bid to Fulanize and Islamize our fatherland might be the last straw
that is gonna brake the camel’s back.
Enough is enough ojare.
Nigeria We Hail Thee.Lol!

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