Comment on …Nigeria’ll soon overcome problem, says RCCG General Overseer by icheoku

ICHEOKU says does God fight or just command it and it is done. Who does the A & O fight since even the devil is trampled under his feet. But the man of “God” has to make a speech of encouragement saying that he is praying for another man who does not even believe in his God, otherwise he would since have converted to Christianity or joined the RCCG. Anyway, Nigerians have heard similar prayers before including one telling Nigerians that Buhari was their answered prayer come true and another one which said that coronavirus was but a fleeting minor inconvenience that would soon disappear at the beginning of the pandemic early last year. But it is Nigeria and these men of “God” are never questioned or asked to reconcile their conflicting “prophesies and/or prayers”; a country where when policy makers fail to solve a teething problem they throw their hands up in the air in surrender handing the problem off to God to figure out. But they forgot that God is shouldering so much responsibilities already for the over 9 billion human beings on his earth and that Nigeria is not the only thing on his table of to do list.

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