Comment on …Nigeria’ll soon overcome problem, says RCCG General Overseer by THE NOON

The only country in the world that had uncountable places of worship where the population of places of worship in difference sizes and shapes with difference capacities of various worshippers gave an impression of truly Godly people but is this society truly faithful to GOD?. Upon the teaching and preaching of the scriptures on the daily tabloid, on TV, Radio and social media as well as weekly activities in the places of worship the scriptures failed to Restructured the mindset of the worshippers, Failed to changed their characters from evil to good, Failed to redeemed them from negative way to positive way while the divine law failed to reformed them from sinful lifestyle however this type of society called Nigeria believed very much in prayers to Who? Is it to God they are unfaithful to? Or is religious all about prayers without faith? There are countries with very few places of worship which most of them were ancient buildings still crime rates in that environment are very low of which these countries are very peaceful Why?. If divine laws failed to restructured people from devilish lifestyle and man made law I.e CONSTITUTION failed to guaranteed development so would National Commotion in difference selfish names end societal problems? Or if people adamantly failed to repented from sinful lifestyle does God listing to prayers of an unrepentant and hypocrite worshippers? God will neither listing nor answers hypocrisy in the name of prayers.

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