Comment on Nigerians worried over escalating security challenges, proffer solutions by Dr Uche Kalu

President Buhari,his Cahoots and Cohorts should stop beating about the bush,but rather,they should be calling a spade a spade.
The question is how many acts of genocide must we have in this country to
have a genocide?
There have been many acts of genocide going on in this country for decades
which are perpetrated by the same people and against us indigenous
Kwa/Bantu Christian Nigerians, that the occasion calls for an International
Intervention in order to avert yet another civil war like in 1967-1970.
The following are cases of incipient genocide visited upon native Nigerian
Christians by our Fulani muslim compatriots and their Hausa/Kanuri muslim
bastard mongrels:
1. After the Former Military Despot Major General (Retd.) Ibrahim Babangida, went out his way to declaring our fatherland an Islamic Country by registering Nigeria with the IOC, and called his insolent act a fait accompli, we the Indigenous Kwa/Bantu Christian Nigerians did make our voices loudly heared
in protests.
That was followed by the then power-that -be to unleash the Maitatsine Sect,
who hitherto then had in May and December 1980 launched in Zaria and Kano their Jihadist Campaig killing respectively 2467 and 4177 innocent Christian children,men and women.
From 1982,1984,1985, 1987 1991 and 1922 the Maitatsine struck respectively in the following Northern Cities; Zaria,Kano Kaduna,Maiduguri,Gombe,Bauchi State, Kafanchan, Katsina,Gussau etc. killing in their wake thousands of Innocent Christian Nigerians, destroying property and lots of human efforts.
2.After the demise of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, the Northern Leaders would not let his Deputy, Prof. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan to take over from were his late Principal left off in keeping with our Constitution,claiming that the Presidential Slot belonged to the North after all.
At the very long run,the principle of the philosophy of necessity did prevail and
Jonathan was allowed to take over, after the people of Nigeria raised their voices so to say, and were heard as far as in Atlanta.
When in 2011 President Jonathan made the move to run for his second term, the following Northern Leaders,vowed to make the country ungovernable for
him if he did run and wins the Presidential Election;
1.The Sultan of Sokoto, Mohammed Sa’ad Abubakar.
2.The Late Adamu Ciroma.
3.Abdullahi Ango.
4.Atiku Abubakar.
5:Dr Iyorchia Ayu
6. Lawal Kaita
7.Tanko Yakassai
8. Turaki Abubakar etc.
To the chagrin of the Northern Leaders,Pres
The bove mentioned people did howeve however make good on their promise by unleashing their Jihadist Killer Squads aka, Boko Haram upon us Bantu/Kwa Nigerian Christians ,which later turned out like the master letting out the jinni
out of the bottle and the jinni does no longer obey its master today.Lol!!
3.Buhari as the Chairman of MACBAN did promise the Late Govenror of Oyo State Dr. Lam Adesina, that in the future his Fulani Herdsmen would kill those,
who would dare deny them their right of passage all over the country.
As soon as President Buhari,who today is the current Grand Patron of the
MACBAN took over the Presidency in 2015,he seems to have made good on his promise to the Late Dr.Lam Adesina ,the erstwhile Governor of Oyo State.
The MACBAN’s Herdsmen are rampaging today all over the country on their
” Futahat”Campaign.
The fact of the matter here is that, the Boko Haram ,Fulani Herdsmen and the ISWAP are waging an incipient war of genocide against us native Bantu/ Kwa
Nigerians here in our fatherland.
Buhari,his cahoots and cohorts of Islamic Zealots and Jihadists must stop their
”Taqiyyi,” which is garnished with some cock and bull stories about armed robbers, bandits, kidnappers , murderers et al.
The Boko Haram,Fulani Herdsmen, ISWAP are all Fulani muslims and their
Hausa/Kanuri muslim bastard mongrels,who are on a Jihadist Campaign to
Fulanise and Islamise our fatherland and to make Nigeria their Uthman Dan
Fodio Estate.
It is us native Bantu/Kwa Nigerian Christians,who are the victims of the insecurity in the country while it is the Fulani muslims and their Hausa/Kanuri
muslim bastard mongrels who are solely responsible for the current insecurity in the country.
The Fulanis are Neo-Colonialist alien sojourners of the North,who are nomore Nigerians than the Afrikaans (Boers) are South Africans.
Apartheid is nomore in South Africa toady.
Enough is enough.
Rather than try to reconolizse us native Nigerians,Buhari and his alien Fulani Noe – Colonialist folks must learn to either accept the Secularity of our Republic by dismantling their anachronistic Sultanate of Sokoto,abrogating their fucking Sharia and pulling us Nigerians from our OIC,C8 and C15 memberships or let us simply split the country into two separate Islamic and Secular Republics.
like the Indians and the Pakistanis.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/ Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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