Comment on Nigeria’s militocracy: The more you look… by Dr Uche kalu

Apropos Militocracy,in a country like ours, where Members of our House of
Representatives take home quarterly about $3 million Dollars and our Senators about $4 million Dollars, while the President and his Deputy take home more than double of those amounts,I would rather call Nigeria a Kleptocracy.
Not even in rich countries like Britain,Germany or in the US, do their
counterparts earn up to one tenth of the above jumbo salaries quarterly.
Besides,in Nigeria the minimum wage for the same period is less the 200$ and furthermore,there are dearths of all the things taken for granted in this 21st Century here in Nigeria.
In this cursed country of ours,the ruling elites in their utter wickednes and negligency, have simply abondoned the Nigerian masses to wallow in abject poverty and deprivations.
President Buhari is not only the Paymaster of the nation.He and members of
his Dauara Clan are in an absolute control of our Oil Industry,which generates
well over 80% of our GDP and he is also the Oil Minister of Nigeria.
Thus ,President Buhari is currently running the most corrupt and expensive
Government in the entire world.
Given their easy access to the lucre,our Lawmakers (the Legislators) are
thus compromised and are wont not to dare go after their Paymaster,the President, or else they risk spilling their apple carts jare.
Our Legislators are of course, elected to serve themselves and to legislate for their pockets not really to serve the Sovereign Electorates.
When the Minister of State,Chief Emmanuel Ibe Kachukwu raised an alarm
about the withdrawl of $25bn from our oil money,the Presidency simply
deadpanned, with the claim that the huge sum of money was for an oil Exploration Contract in his native Islamic North,where over 30 years of Oil Explorations in the past had come up with absolutely nothing.
Although, the withdrawl was in breach of Constitutional Directives that such
a withdrawl must follow a due procees of an approval by the Senate Committee for Appropriation Bill,our compromised Lawmakers did shy away from looking into that dubious Oil Exploration Scam Contract by the President.
The President and his Deputy again did make yet another withdrawl of a huge sum of money, also without a due process,claiming that the money was for the IDPs in the North.
Our Lawmakers did absolutely nothing about that too, even after that purported money meant for the IDPs , went instead for their so called Trader/Money Jamboree , and indeed an APC jargon for their vote buying campaign.
Nigerians are scandlized by Prseident Buhari and members of his Axis of Evil Paty, so called APC, whose mantra of corruption fighting is a cliched nonsense and a joke taken too far.
Isn’t it about time, the willing-tools of the North and the conguered people of
the South, rallied round and demanded that if their Fulani Overlords of the
Caliphate of Soko,would not let them rule over them,nor have control of their own future, they should be allowed to at least decide, who amongst their Overlords,should lord it over them?
The recent Presidential and Guber Elections were neither fair nor free.
The Chairman of INEC Prof. Mahmood Yakubu like his predecessor and Fulani Kinsman,Prof. Attahiru Jega is also compromised.
The duo are damned Quota Professors and indeed they are both a disgrace to their Professorship,who because of their religious affilition compromise their
duty to our nation.
Their Paymaster,Mallam Muhammadu Buhari is neither academiclally qualified nor morally fit to run for the Office of President,yet they allowed him
contest for both Presidential Election of 2015 and the current Presidential
Election of 2019.
Mallam Buhari’s Cmabridge School Certificate Rresult dated 1953 and his
WAEC School Certificated dated 1962 ,which was presented to him by WAEC
rogue Official last year, were both forged .
In all Democratic Countries of the world , Presidential Election Days are
Days of Festivitties ( Fiesta), not a Day of arsons, killings, mayhems, military deployments , thuggeries et al, like the Nigerians witnessed recently.
This recent do- and – die Presidentail Election did go a long way to show
that Nigeria is indeed a quasi Democracy governed by an EX-Military
illiterate Bandit,Despot and a corrupt rogue usurper of power, Mallam Muhammadu Buhari.
Nigeria is indeed an admixture of Klepto -cum- Militocracy.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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