Comment on Nigeria’s unity must not be compromised –Osinbajo by THE NOON

The unity of Nigeria had already been compromised by the barbaric political culture which its ideology played politics along sensitive lines of ethno religion and regional diversity of the country while these had systematically destroyed the legacies of the military that sacrifice their lives in keeping Nigeria as ONE however Mr Yemi Osinbajo should know that it was too late to cry because the barbaric political culture had divided the minds of Nigerians and Nigerians has sees themselves as enemy which obviously resulted to general insecurities of lives and properties, Now the political class as well as the so called politicians should admitted that they are behind Nigeria disintegration because their selfishness and unpatriotic political ideology made them not to really visualised that there are uncountable things that United Nigerians as People than very few things that divide Nigerians so when will politics and political ideology embraced uncountable things that United Nigerians and abandoned baseless things that divide Nigerians? As the only Democratic solutions to political instabilities.

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