Comment on Nigeria’s worsening poverty index rating by THE NOON

Unarguably the motive of government at all levels confirmed the fact that these Democratic system and its barbaric political culture and ideology wanted people to be poor so that is what the wish people to become while no government policies and programs that would removed teeming poor people from bondage’s of poverty. The fundamental questions to ask ourselves are_ Why does government programs and policies on poverty matters often failed since 1999? Why were the so called Democratic leadership at all levels and the policies makers not feel unhappy upon unsuccessful Billions of Naira spent on poverty? Since many of these Leaders educated abroad why are they not applied their exposure of developed countries to proffered solutions to socioeconomy challenges of Nigeria?. These so called Democratic leaders at all levels were infected with a disease called unpatriotic which mean the problems of poverty will not be solve until they become patriotic however until the driving forces of government at all levels remained developmental philosophy not really foolishness in the named of poverty alleviations and until an infrastructural development of keys area of economy potential remained a priorities in the interest of an economy prosperity and not an expression of doing people favour or creating meaningless employment.

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