Comment on NIS pledges effective patrols on nation’s borders by THE NOON

Those in one way or the other praising or commending the baseless land borders closure should reason with The CGI on his submission on effective borders policing because if there are effective border policing by all agencies saddled with statutory obligations to secured the land borders where there efforts guaranteed 85% of ensured the land borders security these mean that Federal Government could achieved what its called success now without the closure of land borders however what many counted as success since the closure of land borders were mere delusion because they failed to considered Nigerian Population at the same time failed to reflected on Government policies and program at all levels only promotes bureaucracy that encouraged laziness while its many time policies inconsistency as a result of its political culture that abandoned billions of Naira projects when ever Government changes from either party difference or an individual different, what about an economy tha is consuming economy which relied on importation of almost everything for survival so in these situations of a country that relied on importation for its economy survival without firstly diversified its teeming human resources to productivity in key sectors of its economy potential where Youths would be productive and Lazy as President Muhammad Buhari one time said or redefined Nigerian barbaric political culture that turned politics to business affairs and only means to be questionably wealthy in an atmosphere of killed and destroyed political mentality above all The Nigerian Customs failed Nigerian on their constitutional obligations to secure the land borders because the so called success of the closure of land borders remained a continue assault and ridiculed to The entire Custom service of which if they are effective on their policing of the borders the organization should deserved all the commendation and the praises the closure of borders causes. Countries in the world wisely closed borders to test their long term productivities policies so does Nigeria embarked on any short, medium or long term productivities programs or policies that warranted closure of borders? When will Nigeria diversified its economy from oil and gas sector to non oil sector of the economy? Would Oil and Gas money cater for more than Ten Trillions 2020 budget? What about the continue decline of oil values in the international market? Does Nigeria government at all levels worries about the future of oil from the global reality of climate change and the continue search for an alternative to oil therefore would unreasonable closure of land borders and its barbaric acclaimed success be the solutions?

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