Comment on NLC cautions FG against IMF’s petroleum subsidy removal by Ochendo

Wabba said it exactly how it is.and one begins to wonder whether those managing our affairs actually have human skull.babangida initiated turn around maintenance for the refineries and that’s where we are till date.the maintenance has not ended and therefore the refineries are not working.meanwhile many oil Wells are in private hands who appear to have interest in refineries outside the hears news of security agencies clamping down on ”llegal refineries’ when the legal ones are not functioning.let the nlc begin now to mobilise for ”occupy nnpc’,’occupy aso rock’,occupy national assembly’.the body language of the present government is get fund/revenue/money from any where.they will implement the removal,increase vat and many
more .fuel subsidy in Nigeria is a 419 policy which has unfortunately enriched few Nigerians and helped the developed countries develop more.

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