Comment on NNPC: Buhari bids Baru farewell, meets new GMD, Kyari by Dr Uche kalu

President Buhari migh have bade the Ex-NNPC Chariman Maikanti Baru farewell.
But the People of Nigeria might still want to know what the Aboki did with that $25bn for a dubious Petroleum Expoloration Contract?
That huge sum of money was secretary withdrawn from our National Till
without a due process of passing through the Senate Committee for Appropriation of Bill.
Not until after the Minister of State for Petroleum,Mazi Ibe Kachukwu did blow
a whistle on the illegality of that money withdrawal scam did the Presidency
deadpan, claiming that the money was after all for that dubious Petroleum Expoloration Contract.
But that indeed was a blatant specious fallacy jare.
It is an estblished fact that decades of Petroleum Expolorations in the North have come up with absolutely nothing.
Who knows what a duboious contract the President is gonna offer to this other Aboki,Mallam Mele Kyari,who took over from Mallam Maikanti Baru?
Na wao! One Aboki goes aother Aboki comes.
Oh dear! What is actually the matter wrong with those Fulani alien parasites?
Aren’t they taking their Islamic Hegemony over us Indugenous Christian Nigerians too far?
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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