Comment on No ethnic group can be wiped out in Nigeria – Dogara by DR Uche Kalu

In his rantings and low quality diatribes, Mallam Yakubu Dagora seems too
scared to call a spade a spade.
He sure comes across here as one of those willing- tools of their Neo-Colonialist Troglodyte Masters, the so called Fulanis of the Caliphate of Sokoto.
Just like his namesake, Pol Pot Yakubu Gowon ,who has remained noncommittal to the ongoing decade long incipient genocide against the Indigenous People of the Middle Belt,Senator Yakubu Dagora is wont not to dare call the perpetrators by their real names or dare confront them openly.
All that the Nga Pol Pot,Yakubu Gowon has to tell his hapless Indigenous Minority Christians of the Middle Belt is to pray to God.
Pray indeed! Perhaps God might dispatch His Hosts of Angels from Heaven to come down and fight the Aboki muslims,while they,the Afizeres,Anagutas,
Beroms, Eggons, Idomas,Igalas, IyemsJukuns, Kofyars, Ngas, Tivs et al, cowardly fold their arms.
Oh no,Pol Pot Yakubu Gowon! Heaven helps those,who help themselves.
Simply telling the people to pray to God is indeed, tantamount to tempting God.
It must be done according to the advice of Gen. (Rtd) Theophilus Danjuma.
Alternative to that might be taking up the matter to the appropriate International
Organizations or Bodies ; ECOWAS, AU, EU, ICJ, UN and of course, to the USA too.
There must be a permanent end to the onging daily pogroms and ethnic
cleansings of the Indigenous People of the Middle Belt from their ancestral lands.
Those are indeed, heinious crimes against humanity in our 21st century jare.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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