Comment on No going back on social media regulation –Lai Mohammed by Pascal Chimezie

The Devil is a Lair! He has come again. Someone should ask Liar Muhammed what threat to national unity or security more than his own utterances, Buhari utterances, Buhari’s nepotistic policies, APC & Adams Oshiomohle brigandage in the name of elections? What is that threatens Nigeria unity more than nefarious activities of Fulani herdsmen/hegemonists, the misuse of our military institution and other security agencies? What threatens Nigerians more than the push to create Ruga settlements for Fulani nomads, funding of Fulani Radio, the open invitation for all peoples across Africa to come to Nigeria without visa, registration of non Nigerians by National Identity Management Company as Nigerians? What is more threatening than reducing other tribes and indigenous people of Nigeria to mere appendages of the Northern oligarchs where who becomes president of Nigeria going forward is solely determined by the Fulani North? We will not stop talking about these things even if you have to make laws to hang us. But before you do that your laws will backfire at you and like Human you will be hanged instead!

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