Comment on North ’ll be volatile if Nigeria disintegrates – Sheikh Gumi by Ebuka Amaechi

Islamic Scholar,Dr Sheik Gumi is amongst the Northners i admire his bluntness in Comments abt the Contemporary issues in this Country.Therefore,no Patriot,irres-pective of his Religious belief,Eth-nicity,Political affiliation or other Mundane consideration.Will fault Dr Gumi call for total Restructure of the Country to allow the States to control their affairs & Resources , Not to be dependent on the Central Govt. Wt Cap in hands for Revenue to Carry out the Federating States Responsiblities for the benefit of the States Citizenry.This will ensure peace, Security of lifes & properties of the Citizens,Above all, eliminate hate & ensure healthy Competition between the Federating States.Dr Sheik Gumi declaration that the North will be Volotile, if Nigeria Disintergrates,Has placed great responsiblities on all the Non-Parochial & Patriots frm the North to Carryout holistic Sensitization. To call to order the Expansionists, Tribal bigots & Islamic War Lords. Who are presently bent on establishing their Dominance over other Ethnic Groups in the Country

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