Comment on North won’t recognise middle belt as separate entity by Ochendo

The truth that will remain with us and forever is that there had never been a Nigeria by nigerians;for nigerians;of nigerians.what we have is Nigeria by Britain;for Britain and of hausa,igbo,Yoruba,etc.these separate beings were fused into one by mere proclamation-amalgamation.yes,it was not their intention to become one and therefore the oneness has been in riot ever since and will remain so.yes,no bond has been established.the separate identities and purposes in the forced union have continued to trust but rather distrust.incidentally,the north is the most guilty.the wrong perception that everything ‘national’ must come under their purview (whether they have the competence or not)is the root cause.the north have been in power for years and most things national are in the north.the north have been in power for years and most federal policies were conceived in favour of the north.and the ‘constitution’ was also forced on the ‘nation’ and worded to serve the interest of the north.ask abdulsalami how did the Constitution come into being and today he parades himself as apostle of peace.sarduana who supposedly ought to be one of the founding fathers of a Nigeria for all never pretended about what his concept was.yes,it was Nigeria for the north.his celebrated speech is there in the archives and events over the years(in our national life) align with let nobody think that one day there will be a Nigeria for Nigerians,by Nigerians and of nigerians.the permanent solution does not rest on restructuring which I consider too late a menu to serve at midnight.separation is the way forward and has no alternative.

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