Comment on Northern coalition demands review of alliance with South-West by Ochendo

The major concern of this group is ‘northern interest’ not national interest.this is exactly the bane of our nationhood,if indeed we have one.was this group in existence when we had protest against GEJ for increasing pump price of fuel?was this group in existence when there was protest against GEJ on insecurity?are they aware that BBOG on chibok started during GEJ.we were once told that a fight against BH was a fight against the who?we were once told that the previous governments were defrauding with fuel who?OBJ was accused of ‘over travelling’ when he was on seat.from independence to date can we rank the presidents/heads of state in order of days of absence/overseas we have a new clause,PRIVATE FOREIGN VISIT by a sitting president.incidentally,all the events that gave rise to all the agitations and protests against previous governments(or persons in charge) have multiplied under PMB.and now regional interest has become more important.let the north have their permanent interest by declaring a soverign block for themselves.after all,historically the tendencies in the north have remained a clog in the wheel of progressive nation building.

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