Comment on Northern elders to Buhari: South East deserves special treatment by Dr Uche Kalu

Mallam Hakeem Baba-Ahmed and his fellow Members of Northern Elders
Forum (NEF) seem to have forgotten that all our Federal Institutions
including our Federal Capital Territory are in the so called North.
That explains why the Igbos and other Southerners are there in the North
in the first place.
Furhermore,36% of oil and gas revenue that account for 85% of our GDP
is derived from our fucking Igbo oil and gas.
Thus,we Igbo do contribute a lot into our national till and yet we’ve got absolutely not a single Federal Presence in the South East and we also are
ot getting our equitable share from our common national coffer.
Our Igbo children,who hitherto have been singled out for a perpetual
marginaliztion are today marked for an utter extermination too.
Our Igbo Millennials are persona no grantas in the Nigerian labour market
and they are also permanent victim of cut -off marks in matters of
admission into Institutions of High Learning.
You don’t beat a child and expect the child not to cry ojare!
Our flag-bearing ,non-violent and unarmed Millennials of IPOB are no
They do no harm to others and their property but go about their agitations
for the restoration of our Sovereign Christian Republic of Biafran in
peaceful manners.
Our Estern Security Network (ESN) is an equivalent to Amotekun of the
South West and Shege Kafasa or Hisbah of the Islamic North.
To thus,use our Millennials of IPOB and the ESN as a red herring in order
justify the ongoing incipient genocide against our unarmed Igbo children
is but condemnable,evil and very wicked of President Buhari.
The so called Northern Elders Forum (NEF) which indeed is a misnomer
doesn’t speak for the hapless people of the Midle Belt; the Afizerers,
Anagutas,Beroms, Eggons, idomas, Igalas, Kofyars,Jukuns, Iyem,Tivs et al.
If the members of NEF are serious about their concern over the
current Hobbessian State of Nature in the country let them confront their
Jihadist Killer Squads;their Ansaru, Boko Haram,Fulani Killer Herdsmen and
They must also dismantle their Caliphate of Sokoto,which is virtually a
parallel Islamic Republic within our Secular Commonwealth Republic of
They must abrogate their imposition of Sharia upon us Christians and also
pull our country out from our C8,C15 and OIC Memberships.
Nigeria We Hail Thee.Lol!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Dopwn with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!!

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