Comment on Northern youths split over Malami’s opposition to open grazing ban by DR Uche Kalu

Which Igbo Youth Vanguard do those Igboawusa traitors,Mazi Ignatius
Nwaobiora and Dr. Mike Obi really representing?
Cattle rearing and spare-parts selling might both be private businesses.
Our Igbo spare-part dealers in the North do conduct their business in their
rented shops and spaces legally and pecefully.
But the nomadic Fulani Killer Herdsmen illegally and openly graze their
cattle, thus trespassing on private property,destroying farmlands and crops, polluting our envirnments, kidnapping,raping our women folks and killing
in their wake those ,who dare stand on their ways.
Besides,in 2018 and 2019 the Fulani Killer Herdsmen,who are responsible
for this ongoing brouhaha did kill more innocent Nigerians than the Boko
Haram and the ISWAP together in the same period.
This facile comparison by those Igbo Khaki Youth Vanguards ,thus holding
brief for the AGF, Alhaji Abubakar Malami is very idiotic and indeed an
utter bunkum.
Those misguided members of the so called Igbo Youth Vanguards seem
to have forgotten that Igbos and other Southerners are there in the North
because those Northern Military Bandits,Despots and Rogue Usurpers of
Power,who ran a relay misgovernig and pillaging our country from the
1980s to 1999 took all our Federal Institutions including our Federal
Capital from the South to the North.
Nonetheless, it is our Southern gas and oil revenues that solely keep
those our Federal Institutions running financially.
Enough is enough.
This banning of open grazing in the South is indeed a fait accompli.

Source: news

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