Comment on Nothing wrong if Buhari probes Obasanjo on n16 billion power contract – Ekechi by Dr.Uche Kalu

If indeed there is nothing wrong for President Buhari to probe the Chief (OBJ) on that $16bn. power contract,then President Buhari must first of all subject himself to such similar probes,namely;
1. His supervision of his late Principal,Gen. Sani Abacha’s mindless loot of our vast gas and oil revenues of which he,Buhari shamelessly lied about.
2.His misappropriation (stealing) of $2.84bn from our PTF (Petreleum Trust
Fund) under his Chairmanship.That same sum of mony was traced to Buhari’s
Family Joint Bank Account with the British Midland Bank in London,the UK.
3.Buhari’s recent $25bn Petroleum Exploration Contract Scam to NNPC.
4.His Family’s Acquisition in Etisalat and Keystone Bank both of which are
worth several trillions Nairas.
President Buhari,whose APC Party mandra is corruption fighting, does indeed owe the people Nigerian a lot of explanations thereof.
If President Buhari frails to do that,then that will be a classical case of a
pot calling a kettle black.
Besides,those who go for equity must do so with very clean hands.
However, such probes and recoveries of our looted vast gas and oil revenues by our erstwhile Presidents are indeed imperative and very urgent too .
But it must not be limited to the Chief (OBJ) only.
Both Abdulsalami Abubakar and Ibrahim B.Babangida (IBB) did also steal respectively, the sums of $28bn and $12.47bn from our common national till.
Those stolen huge sums of monies must be recovered from them before they
do kick the buckets jare.Lol!
There must be no untouchables or rather sacred cows in this matter ,because
all Nigerians are equal and therefore subject to our common code of conducts
and laws.
President Buhari, his cahoots and cohorts must return their loots to the people
of Nigeria.

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