Comment on Oba of Benin, others seek Buhari’s intervention in Obaseki, Oshiomhole rift by THE NOON

This type of crisis was not new in Nigerian so called politics of individualism that often characterized its political culture of which this remained why political parties are mere political enterprises where an individual selfish agenda is superior than party constitution as well his selfish choice prevailed over Democratic principles of producing people’s choice at party level while this always made the international communities to absolutely acknowledged that since democracy failed to exist at party level definitely Nigeria only practices Demonstration not Democracy however these type of crisis only defined Nigerian political culture which President Buhari has neither constitutional right nor moral obligations on the matter because his intervention will amounted to busybody in all ramifications moreover the Nigerian political culture and its notions that moralized what is immoral and legalized what is illegal always resulted to an unwarranted crisis that always questions the virtue of rules of law therefore the position of Benin traditional institution on this matter can be defined as busybody.

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