Comment on Obasanjo architect of Islamisation and Fulanisation of Nigeria – Envoy by THE NOON

Why much ado about Chief Obasanjo fair comments on Nigerian political culture and its notions that promotes tribal, religion and regional sentiments which were the basis of judging Nigerian politics internationally. It was very ridiculous and very shameful of an ambassador to accused Former President Olusegun Obasanjo ignorantly confirmed that Alhaji Ardo was not qualified to be Nigerian envoy to Caribbean because only during precolonial era experiences empires of which these empires had difference objective of conquering villages, people and town which the colonization era eventually abolished so how in what ways Chief Obasajo laid foundation of islamitization and fulanization? However since the nonviolent spirit of democracy failed to systematically united Nigerians the way its United Americans because Nigerians barbaric political culture is repugnant to what democracy really all about therefore achieving Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress which is Nigerian motto would be a mere subject of discussion by government but never attained

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