Comment on Obasanjo destroyed Nigeria’s democracy – Senator Owie by THE NOON

These interviews confirmed that Sen. Owie failed to define what is an enemy? As well what is democracy?. Sen. Owie failure to know what is Democracy and what is an enemy? Turned these interviews to a mere avenue to ridiculed the personality and amiable reputation of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo whom legacies was the driving forces behind democratization movement of Africa where His political charisma as well as his philosophy of leadership made him a symbols of National Unity by virtues of his principles which unfolding understanding, political maturity and vision moreover these leadership qualities of Chief Obasanjo remained what sustained the existence of democracy in Nigeria because if Not Chief Obasanjo sacrifices for democracy, Democracy would have died abinitio. The answers of Sen. Owie to many national questions in these interview showed that he lacked understanding of Nigerian political culture while this made him not to vividly understand Chief Obasanjo leadership styles because practicing democracy in a sicked society like Nigeria required a leadership that will systematically changed the barbaric political culture in a manner where patriotism will prevailed over the barbaric culture that promote regional interest, religion interest, tribal interest and undemocratic zoning which neither guaranteed meaningful socioeconomic development nor ensure peace and unity of people in either the regions or zones. Until Nigerian produced Democratic leader like Chief Obasanjo that will continue changing the barbaric political culture that often gives impression that Democratic governance is all about doing people favor by failure to democratically defined dividend of democracy however a political culture that gives priorities to the luxury of an elected offices and political appointment than render services that will raised the standard of living of people in these ugly situation No any forms of restructuring nor system of government will be a solution. The barbaric political culture had already legalized what is illegal and moralized what is immoral and created many terminology in politics like “Juicy position” and many undemocratic terms which are altogether symptoms of a sickness of a society that defined Nigerian political culture and not compatible with democracy. The questions to ask Sen. Owie, When would Nigerians learn to appreciates and admired their past President/head of States and acknowledged the truth that they are Heroes of an unquestionable characters by also choosing them as their role model or is it when they died?

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