Comment on Obasanjo wants to divide Nigeria – FG by THE NOON

Who are Chief Obasanjo perceived political enemies? The position of Former president olusegun obasanjo on general insecurities of lives and properties in Nigeria and west Africa region should not be a subject of an unwarranted political judgemental but a vivid reflection of African’s political culture which already was basis of thinking faculty of people on matters of governance where religion, ethnicity, regions and tribe prevailed over righteousness and rules of law however there were uncountable justification on Chief Obasanjo point which his motives showed He was not happy With socioeconomy, security and political situation of the region while his intention was drive by patriotism. Mr laid Mohammed should admitted the fact that he show sense of indiscipline by unwisely responding to Chief Obasanjo opinion moreover failure to mention chief Obasanjo perceived political enemies will amounted to foolishness in the temple of media and total abused of cultural values as a minister of information and culture

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