Comment on Oduduwa nation: Election won’t hold in Southwest in 2023- Sunday Igboho by THE NOON

In this 21st century the effect of westernization and its culture on Africa’s showed that agitation based on tribe i.e pursuing tribal agenda can only be called slavish mentality because western culture and its notions of civilization had fully destroyed many Africans cultural heritage, moral values and traditional values which made it cleared by saying, DOES YORUBA REALLY EXISTED? WHO ARE TRUELY YORUBA? Since many so called Yoruba family had replaced Yoruba Language with English language by openly gives priorities to speaking English to raised family than Yoruba while many so called Yoruba Kings and Traditional Chiefs are unable to speak Yoruba language without mixing English words even The Ooni of Ife can not Speak Yoruba fluently so who really are Yoruba by Identity? How could an agitation for a destroyed tribe succeed as Nation?.
Many Visionary African tribes devoted their time and resources to restored back the TRUE IDENTITY of their cultural heritage and moral values in this 21st century than pursuit’s futility in name agitation for Nation while some Africans Elders are crying of what will be the future of their cultural background since the values keep declining year in, year out however does tribal agenda in this era ended the colonial mentality and its westernized effect on people in many ways that totally buried the true identity of a tribe? Who are truely Yoruba in this 21st century?

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