Comment on Ohanaeze leadership: Obiozor tackles detractors by Tony Nwosu

From the point of view of an Igbo man and an apolitical apologist and back ground. I have read so much about Prof. Ogbozor with a far reaching pedigree of the ordinary man and an intimidating academic profile. But I must comment that from onset of the eras of Ohaneze-Ndigbo, president-general position I have only endorsed the outgoing president, Chief Nnia Nwodo, who I have watched his activities in the Nigerian space and seen him as an Igbo nationalist and a man of his words and wish he had more time in this era to actualize the Igbo dreams. But any knowledgeable Igbo man of Ibo extraction should understand fully the aspirations of the true Igbo man in practical terms not in the pages of newspaper tabloids. Today, the Igbos are the endangered species of the Nigerian nation and any little mistake will lead to the extinction of the race. So , Prof. George Obiozor if you are a true son of the soil you should dance the right orchestra recognizing the footsteps of our nationalist leaders as: M. I. Okpara, Sam Mbakwe and other grassroot leaders of Igbo extraction who understands the desire of a true Igbo man. Amidst rumours making rounds in the Nigerian news media that you are being foisted on the Igbo socio cultural organization by another parallel cultural group ,Myeti- Allah, whose own culture, religion/ tradition are quite different from the Ibos in all ramifications and had remained a source of concern in the present time. So, I feel your intellectual background will guide you to checkmate any hidden agenda as rumoured in different quarters. In plain languages what I want to say is that the Ibos want an igbo of integrity in that position and not an igbo remoted by other tribes in the country as we have seen in many Igbo politicians. And posterity will always leave them at crossroad.

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