Comment on Oil price can never rise above $100/barrel again –Emefiele by THE NOON

“We must embrace agriculture and grow the manufacturing sector”. The leadership of CBN and many CBN policies on non oil sectors of the economy especially agriculture shows that Mr Emefiele is more a politician than an economy expert because all CBN policies neither embraced agriculture nor guaranteed food security in a manner that turned the country to self sufficiency in agricultural production of which the output of its local rice production support program can not feed Two States in Nigeria nor feed 35% of the country livestock however there should be apology for shut the land borders since government at all levels failed to pursue long term agricultural policy of self sufficiency in agricultural sectors while the country remained consuming economy not producing economy so these type of situation closure of the borders only aggravated the economy hardships of the people because the policies makers failed to learned from what Japan achieved internally before its closed borders and other countries on records.

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